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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Deep Thoughts

Do you remember back in the day (I can say that because some people think I'm old, like my five-year-old great niece) on Saturday Night Live when they had Deep Thoughts with Jack Handey? Always so random and very funny!

While out on my run the other day it popped into my head. So, here you go, some of these thoughts are deep, some shallow, some funny, some pointless!

1. There are days I have thought about discontinuing this blog. I feel my readership has dropped tremendously, regardless of what I do, and my heart isn't in it most days. But, I have committed to a blog conference in a few months and feel I need to stick it out until at least the end of the year.

2. I have started running again, a little, once or twice a week. My knee is starting to feel much better, it only locks up when I have it stuck in one position for too long. I do plan to go see a doctor, but with four people sharing two cars it makes it a bit of a challenge.

3. I am a little obsessed with my Fitbit stats. Ever since I returned my Force (which you could see your step count, time, floors, etc.) and bought a Flex I find myself checking it all the time to see how close I am. Yes, each dot indicates about 2000 steps taken, but I need a true number!

4. Speaking of my Fitbit, I have friends I kind of compete with on my dashboard. I think one of them is cheating. How in the world do you go from 5000 steps a day to 18,000? I'm not buying it. And, how do you get steps when you're sitting on a plane? I'm talking a thousand or more. It's just fishy to me. Why do people do this? What happened to honesty?

5. I worry almost constantly about my daughter. She has these blood clot disorders, and has a blood clot, and I am always concerned about her. I especially worry when she travels. She went to NYC recently (first time she's been since she was six and that trip included her parents, brother, both sets of grandparents, her aunt, and her babysitter) to visit a friend who is interning there this summer. Okay, I may have been worried about just the big city part, but I worry about her moving on the plane, in the airport, etc. I know there is nothing I can do, but it's always in the front of my mind.

6. I just checked my Fitbit dashboard and I'm in the lead! (Told you I was obsessed)

7. I love all our new friends here in Arizona. Honestly? They are more fun and want to do more than any of our friends in St. Louis.

8. I don't understand people who shower and get all dressed up with full make-up to go to the grocery store. Does the food really care? How many people do you know when you go? Why do you care? Obviously I am not one of these people!

9. Why have we become a society so obsessed with technology that we cannot have dinner conversation anymore? Have you looked around when you're dining out? How many people are on their phones ignoring their dinner companion? It's just sad to me. We really try to keep our phones put away when out and when we're at home. I never let the kids have their phones at the dinner table.

10. I love when Chip comes home with flowers for me! Sometimes it's just the little things.

11. I have a notebook where I write down all my workouts each week. I'm a little odd. I like to make lists. I don't go back and look at them, I just like writing down what I did every day.

12. I am bored with cooking right now. We have been eating a lot of family favorites. I try to do this when the kids are home from college, well just my daughter now. It doesn't feel like much of a challenge to me, maybe that's why I'm feeling so bored!

13. You know how everyone says you need to eat more leafy veggies? Well, it's difficult when you live with someone on blood thinners, because they can't have them and must limit their Vitamin K intake.

14. A bird flew into the window the other day. I didn't think much of it until I looked and it was dead on the patio. I may have left it there for over 3 hours so Chip could clean it up. I even let the dogs out the front yard because I didn't want to be near it.

15. I really do not care for people using Facebook to complain about every aspect of their lives. Are these people really that unhappy? Or the ones who leave cryptic messages just waiting for a response. I have almost completely stopped posting on Facebook except my blog's page.

16. I am concerned with the state of our country. Nothing has changed in so many years and it's leading to more tension, every where. We have been spared the constant reports on the events in the St. Louis area because we have been dealing with some major rain down here. But, I'm still concerned.

Those are my thoughts, currently. I hope you're not bored! I hope to have a recipe for you tomorrow. I just haven't had the desire to write much this week. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas

Happy Monday to all of you! I hope you had a wonderful weekend filled with love and laughter doing everything you wanted! We accomplished a lot of moving things around, going through a lot of things with our daughter from her childhood (our son did this earlier in the summer) and eating at a favorite restaurant. Oh, and making a dozen freezer meals for future dinners!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Harvest Snaps - Lunchspiration!

*Disclaimer: I am working with Harvest Snaps to promote their Lunchspiration campaign. I was sent samples but have not been compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own or those of my family.

Hey there! You all know that we love Harvest Snaps around here. I mean, we can't get enough most days. They are perfect for a snack, added to your lunch or maybe top your salad with your favorite flavor! The possibilities are truly endless.

Harvest Snaps is currently asking for you to take part in their Lunchspiration campaign! Just click here and create your ultimate bento box for lunch. Share to your social media (Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook) and you will be entered to win one of three prizes (up to $1000) for back to school. It's so much fun. I've created a few myself and will probably now head over and do a few more! Plus, you can get a coupon for buy 2 get one free!! Which flavors would you pick? My favorite is Caesar, followed by Tomato Basil!!

Did you know that Harvest Snaps are gluten free? Baked, not fried? The snapea crisps are made from 70% pea and the lentil snaps are made from 65% lentil? They are high in protein and fiber? Low in sodium and fat? 40% less fat than regular potato chips?

You can find out even more at

Head out and buy some today so you can add them to your child's or your own lunchbox! Now I'm really craving the Caesar Snapea Crisps!! 

Harvest Snaps are manufactured by Calbee North America, they are a naturally delicious line of baked snacks that have all the flavor, less fat and lower in sodium than traditional snacks.  They are sold at retail locations throughout the United States including:  Whole Foods, Costco, Sprouts, Walmart, Safeway, and many more.  You can find more information here and here.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Nashville-Style Hot Chicken

You all, I am so sorry for not posting the past couple of days. I had some really sad news about an old friend of mine and I haven't been able to shake it. Plus, my daughter was traveling and that always has me on edge. I've just been on an emotional roller coaster this week and I didn't want it to show here on the blog.

I decided maybe I should start journaling again. I stopped a few years ago, and I have no excuse. No, it's not a diary like when we were kids, it's place to write my feelings that keeps me focused.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Peach Banana Bread Cookies

These really happened this weekend. I had a desire to bake and the gluten-free bread I made was a complete disaster, so I needed something that would cover up my shame and disappointment. I had been playing on Pinterest (you can follow me here) and found a recipe for banana bread cookies and then a recipe for peach banana bread. Hmm, the mind said to me, why not combine them? Great idea!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sweet Potato Banana Bites

Good morning! I hope you all have had a wonderful week so far. Things have been semi-busy here, but nothing out of the ordinary.

I love eating dinner at home. Kind of sad considering all the restaurants we have been to over the past almost year and a half! What I like most is sitting down with my family and talking about whatever topic pops into our heads. There's no going around and asking how every one's day was, just current events, sports, upcoming events, etc. We have always eaten dinner together as a family, no sitting in front of the television, nope always at the table. It's the perfect way to wrap up the day.

Does your family sit down together every night? What do you talk about? Did you grow up doing this? I would love to know!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Roasting Hatch Chiles

Well, we are at the beginning of hatch chile season. Which means, you can buy these beautiful large chiles for 99 cents a pound. Seriously! I threw ten into a bag and it only cost about $1.50!

Hatch chiles are grown in Hatch, New Mexico. They are in season in the late summer. It's kind of ridiculous the large mounds of them you can find in the store this time of year.

What should you do with these lovely chiles once you get them home? I suggest roasting them. It's very easy and they will freeze well too.

Roasting Hatch Chiles

1. Rinse your chiles and allow them to air dry or dry with a towel.
2. Fire up your grill and place them on the rack.
3. You will need to watch them so they don't burn. Just keep turning them until they are blistered and dark brown all over.

4. Now you will remove them from the grill. Place in a plastic zip lock bag or cover your pan tightly with plastic wrap.

5. After they have cooled, unwrap and begin to peel the skin off.

6. You can cut the tops off if you would like.

7. Slice and place in a container or enjoy immediately!

It's really that simple. Now, if you don't have a grill there are two other ways to roast your peppers. You can roast them in the oven by using your broiler. Or, if you have a gas stove top you can roast them one at a time by placing them directly on the burner, no pan needed. But, you need to watch them carefully.

Also, you can de-seed chiles if you choose, the seeds provide additional spice, which the boys like around here!