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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Country Ham Flapjacks

Winner, winner we're having flapjacks for Brinner!!!

You know you've got a hit on your hands when your husband, who does not like breakfast, says "I think I like breakfast for dinner more than breakfast." Woohoo! Makes this girl super happy since I could eat breakfast food all day long.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Savory Roasted Chickpeas

How's your Tuesday? I suppose it may be a bit early, but I hope it's shaping up to be a nice day!

I have a great snack for you today. I made these to take with us on the plane for snacking. Don't you find most of the options at the airport are not too terribly healthy? Or, if it is healthy it looks a little questionable. You know those veggies in plastic? Hmm, I'm not sure. I don't even buy baby carrots at the grocery store because that slimy stuff creeps me out!!! So I try to pack healthy snacks to snack on. Plus, we take our own water bottles and fill them up after we go through security which saves money and is better for the environment!

What do you do to stay healthy while traveling?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Chicken, Butternut Squash and Sage Pasta

I was thinking to myself the other day, while packing my suitcase for a trip we are on, (I will give you details at the end of the week) about how many wonderful people we have met since moving to Arizona. Almost all of them have been from our love of food and wine (and craft beer). It's amazing to me how these things bring people together. You may feel you have nothing in common with someone, but put a plate of outstanding food in front of them and you will be surprised where the conversation will lead. No, alcohol does not have to be present to enjoy an evening. Rather, it's something to compliment your meal.

What friendships have been started because of your love of something? Doesn't have to be food or wine, but maybe running, kids, exercise, another hobby?

Friday, April 11, 2014

Favorite Places #15

Time for another edition of some of our favorite places. I almost forgot to write a post for today! I spent all day Thursday cleaning and trying to figure out a better place for my grandparents to stay for my son's graduation. At the end of the afternoon I figured out I had not written a post and we were getting ready to head out to a wine dinner, so here it is -  short sweet and to the point!

I will be back Monday, but this coming week will probably be sporadic as we are traveling. I haven't decided if I'm taking my laptop with me or not. Decisions, decisions. What would you do?

Have an awesome weekend!!

Hopdoddy -This burger joint is awesome! The concept is a bit different, but I believe if you keep an open mind you can enjoy just about anything in life. It is a sit down restaurant, but someone places your number on a table for you. This prevents people from hogging tables when the line is long. I kind of like it. Then, there's no hunting for a table while carrying condiments or drinks. The burgers were really good and they have a nice selection of craft beers. Oh, and you absolutely have to get a milkshake, they are unbelievable. Give them a try, I think you'll really appreciate what they're doing here.

Breakfast Joynt - I guess they've been around a while, but moved to a location closer to our house. I took my daughter here on her birthday. Great breakfast and diner kind of feel. On a Tuesday morning it wasn't terribly busy, which was fine by us. If you want a great breakfast and you're in North Scottsdale near DC Ranch, then pop in and give them a try!

Rhythm & Wine - What a great find! They are located not far from our house and two doors down from our favorite gelato place. We went one afternoon with the kids and had a nice time. Then, one day we had been out running errands and Chip asked if I wanted to stop for gelato, sure why not. But, look the sign says it's happy hour! So, we popped in and sat out on the patio. This led to a discussion with the wine club coordinator and us joining the wine club! Best deal in town. Tastings, discounts and a hand painted glass to drink out of when you're at the restaurant. The decor is all music related and impressive. The food is great and the wine selection is too. North Scottsdale has some true hidden gems and this is one of them.

Pomo Pizzeria -As the name says, it's a pizza place. We had a nice evening. It's a little loud, but don't let that discourage you. The food and drinks were so good. Our server was very attentive and when Chip requested something that she was unsure of she asked someone else to come clarify. We appreciated her attention! We will be back when we're in the mood for pizza I'm sure!

There you have it! Have you been to any of these establishments? What did you think???

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Soy-Hoisin Chicken Thighs

Hey there! How are you all doing today? Today is my grandma's birthday! How I love her. I can't wait to see her next month at my son's graduation.

My children are so fortunate to have all four grandparents and three of their great grandparents still living. They probably only have memories of five of the eight, but that's not too bad. Some of my favorite pictures are the kids with their grandparents and great grandparents.

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

SAAS - Hot Sauce

*Disclaimer: I was sent several bottles of the product to sample and use in recipes. I have not been compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own or those of my family.

Good Morning! I kind of teased this in yesterday's post. So, here we go.

I was recently sent several bottles of this awesome hot sauce to sample. Okay, let's be honest, it's for Chip to sample and me cool it off some way! He loves all things hot and spicy. If his nose is running and sweat is beading up on his forehead you know it's a keeper! Well, this fit the bill. He actually took the two smaller bottles to the office so use on his lunches. They're sitting in the refrigerator waiting for the next victim person to taste. He came home and said, "Have you tasted this yet? It's really hot, good, but hot."

So, maybe you would like to know a bit more about SAAS, well keep reading!

SAAS hot sauce is the drool-worthy brainchild of a team of students who wanted a way to make money for a good cause. Two delicious flavors were created, "Original" and "Onion Garlic", with only the freshest ingredients and innovative recipes to bring a unique, one-of-a-kind "flavor that brings you home"!

Original SAAS- A classy and flavorful finish with a good amount of heat. An amazing mix of fresh red jalapeƱos, orange habaneros, and spices gives this sauce a rich, fresh red pepper flavor with a complex and refined bouquet that always compliments any food it may be served with.

Onion & Garlic SAAS- Our Onion and Garlic flavor hot sauce uses only the freshest onions combined with garlic, honey, and orange habaneros to bring you a tangy and sweet addition to any meal. Like our Original flavor, it has a delicious zest, with rich subtleties that always compliment any food you may try it with.

I used it last night with our Chicken Sandwiches. I put a few drops of the onion and garlic in my mayonnaise. I put a lot of drops of the original in mayonnaise for Chip's sandwich. I loved the flavor and what it brought to the meal. A definite keeper!!

With the weather heating up I'm sure you are starting to think of grilling season. Honestly, I can grill all year long no matter where I live! But, I understand those of you in the northern part of the country may not have been able to find your grill this winter! While you're planning your next barbecue please consider adding SAAS hot sauce to your menu or as one of your ingredients. Your family and friends will thank you. It's very reasonably priced. You can search their website to see where it's sold near you or order it online!!!

Sizes and Pricing:
SAAS Spicy Original and Hot Onion and Garlic 3.5 oz - $1.49
SAAS Spicy Original and Hot Onion and Garlic 11.6 oz - $3.49
SAAS Spicy Original and Hot Onion and Garlic 18.3 oz- $5.49

You can purchase SAAS online or go on their website at and find a store where it is sold near you.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Chicken Bahn Mi Sandwiches

How are you all doing today? I'm trying to deal with a sick child who is away at college. One of the hardest things as a parent. I feel completely helpless. At least they have good care at school and if they can't help on campus they make an appointment in town for them. But you just want to tuck them in bed, make them some soup and try to take care of them. Instead you are left talking and texting trying to make sure they have everything they need and are following the doctors orders.

How do you deal with these types of issues?