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Monday, November 19, 2012

A Bathmat with Memories

You all think I'm off my rocker don't you?  A bathmat with memories?  What in the world?  Do we need to send her to the loony bin?  Maybe!

In a previous life filled with tons of stress and many long hours, Chip and I were running a wine distribution business.  We had a business partner who was a pain in the neck, and was the main reason for us liquidating and giving it all to him.  But, along the way we met some outstanding people and drank too much a lot of great wine.

With wine comes wine corks.  I saved almost all of them.  I was going to "make something" with them.  Well, I did use them to make a cork board, a serving tray and a wreath, but I had so many left over.  I mean a ton!  I even gave some away to a friend to use for their bees.  You see, the bees need to drink but they drown, so by floating a cork in the water it gives them a landing strip and keeps them alive.  I had no idea!  You really learn something new every day.

You may never guess where I saw this idea.  Yep, Pinterest.  I stumbled upon it and thought, perfect!  Now I can make something with all those corks and it won't cost me more than $10 (okay that obviously does not include the cost of the wine, but that was a while ago)!

It seems fairly easy and as if it won't take much time.  Well I'm not going to sugar coat this, it's a pain in the neck, but I love the finished product.

You will need 100-150 wine corks
1 non-slip mat
A glue gun
A knife or utility knife

Begin by cutting your corks in half.  Be prepared for blisters and a very sore hand after doing this!  It took me a couple of days just to rest my hand.

I then placed them on the mat before gluing just to be sure I had enough.

Then the gluing began.  Again, a tedious task with burned fingers and spiderweb looking strings all over the place!  It looks so good though!  I probably could have made it smaller, but honestly this was all of my corks and I wanted them used up!  I also should have put the corks a bit closer together, but I like it and that's all that matters, don't judge!

Here's the one thing you need to be aware of, though it seems obvious, the glue seeps through the mesh backing and gets all over the surface you are working on.  Do not do this on anything you consider precious!  Luckily I working in the basement on an old counter.  But, this is what it looked like:

It looks like a Braille tablet!  And, to scrape it off?  Oh my word, I used a knife and ended up cutting my finger on a piece of the dried glue.  I didn't even notice until I saw blood on the counter.  Genius!
Another tip, after gluing a few corks on, lift up the mat to keep it from permanently sticking.

I am happy with the end result and am anxious to see how it really works with the shower.  If I'm not happy with that, then it will just become a rug in a powder room.

Have you done anything unique with wine corks?

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  1. Hi Jenni, I'm happy you like the Chocolate Espresso Stars. They really were very easy to make. I love to cook, but have a short attention span. So the recipes I come up with are simple. Following you. Thanks for dropping by my kitchen at Tumbleweed Contessa. Come back often to visit and have a blessed day! The Contessa